blocca il blu

Proteggi i tuoi occhi dalla luce blu con Blue Lights Blockers

Occhiali di blocco della luce blu progettati con cura per farti apparire bene mentre stai facendo bene a proteggere gli occhi.

Woman laying on a bed using a laptop and wearing blue light blocking glasses.
Man sitting on a bed looking at his phone wearing blue light blocking glasses.
Woman sitting in a coffee shop using her cellphone and wearing blue light blocking glasses.
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Brown haired woman wearing silver metal frame round shaped blue light blocking glasses.


Man wearing a blue shirt and black wayfarer shaped blue light blocking glasses.



These are super cute, super comfortable glasses that don’t give me a headache. I definitely don’t tire as easily when I’m on a screen for a long period of time, and don’t feel as drained after being on my laptop for hours at a time. Highly recommend!!

Corinne E. (Bailey in Tortoise)

I love these glasses. I get compliments all the time and they work great. My eyes don’t hurt as much when looking at screens.

Iasiah M. (Wren in Gold)

Lightweight and can definitely notice my eyes are less tired after spending the whole day on my laptop with them. 10/10 purchase.

Gorjana B. (Rumi in Black Glossy)

I've had my blockers for a month or so and they've been a LIFE SAVER for starting my Master's. It's so much easier to focus on readings and online lectures, plus I get tons of compliments on how they look. Can't recommend them enough!

Erica H. (Wren in Gold)

I've bought a couple blue light blockers claiming they reduce headaches, but of course, I still suffered. Third times a charm, bought these and after 3 hours of editing, I realized I didn't have a headache! Was able to do a 5 hour edit with ease! They don't tint everything super yellow like other ones I tried. I can't wait to pick up a back up pair just in case my littles break them!

Kaylee C. (Avery in Black)

I was having such bad headaches for about two weeks... I wondered if it was because I was always on a screen. Thought I would give it a whirl, and once I received these that went away! So amazing and I'm so grateful! And they are so cute!! 

Nikki M. (Sloan in Black)

They are great! Would recommend to anyone having trouble with headaches from too much screen time.

Lillie S. (Reign in Silver)

These glasses have paid back themselves already! I do homework online for 8+ hours a day and these glasses stop the migraines and eye strain I was having. Worth it!

Emma G. (Emery in Clear Grey)

 I've been wearing my blue light glasses literally every day. They are a life saver when I'm constantly on my phone or computer for hours a day.

Jazmin B. (Ellis in Clear Grey)

My daughter loves to settle in at night with a reading app. I knew she needed a product like this and Blue Lights Blockers has the cutest styles for kids! She loves them and I have peace of mind that her sleep won't be disrupted. Thanks for a great product!

Faye M. (Kai in Pink)
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Blue Lights Blockers Le lenti appositamente sviluppate filtrano la luce blu per proteggere i tuoi occhi dagli schermi digitali.

proteggi i tuoi occhi dentro e fuori

I nostri occhiali con blocco della luce blu sono anche UV400 per proteggere gli occhi tutto il giorno.

Man standing outside in a city wearing blue light blocking glasses.
Woman sitting in a chair wearing blue light blocking glasses.