In the digital society we find ourselves in we are being overexposed to blue light. Recent studies have shown this may be detrimental for health.

We are constantly exposing ourselves to screens and unnatural blue light. With the average person spending upwards of ten hours a day on their devices, the need for protection is apparent.

Improve your wellbeing and digital life with a pair of our high quality blue light glasses that will:

Reduce Eye Strain

Lessen Headaches And Migraines

Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

Woman laying on a bed using a laptop and wearing blue light blocking glasses.

"Computer Vision Syndrome, describes a group of eye and vision related problems that results from prolonged computer, tablet and cell phone use." - in American Optometrist Association

Customer Testimonials

I've bought a couple blue light blockers claiming they reduce headaches, but of course, I still suffered. Third times a charm, bought these and after 3 hours of editing, I realized I didn't have a headache! Was able to do a 5 hour edit with ease! They don't tint everything super yellow like other ones I tried.

Kaylee C.

I was having such bad headaches for about two weeks... I wondered if it was because I was always on a screen. Thought I would give it a whirl, and once I received these that went away! So amazing and I'm so grateful! And they are so cute!! 

Nikki M.

"Our eyes aren't naturally built for prolonged direct exposure to blue light. This is thought to be a factor contributing eye strain, headaches and fatigue." - in Business Insider

The blue light wavelength is emitted naturally from the sun and artificially from LED light sources. It is more intense than other forms of light and has a direct effect on our eyes. In a fast-paced digital society where we find ourselves, we are constantly exposing ourselves to screens and unnatural blue light.
Block The Blue

Our lenses have been specially developed to protect your eyes from overexposure throughout the day by filtering out blue light. Making our blue light blocking glasses a part of your day to day is a step towards keeping your eyes happy and you looking good while doing so.

"We didn't evolve to be exposed to Blue Light as much as we are." - in Forbes
Woman sitting in a coffee shop using her cellphone and wearing blue light blocking glasses.

Start Protecting Your Eyes Today

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Dedicated to bringing you the latest designs in our non-prescription blue light blocking glasses, so you can look good while you are doing good.

Daily we are surrounded by blue light from our digital devices and face the adverse effects from it. It is our mission to deliver to you blue light blocking glasses to ease those digitally strained eyes and improve your wellbeing.

If you are not fully satisfied with our glasses results we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We stand behind our glasses and in front of your eyes to block the blue. Keeping your eyes happy is our promise to you.

"Very few of us understand that we need to protect against intense Blue Light during the daytime and any Blue Light during the evening hours." -  in The HuffPost